Step by Step - The Process

So, you are ready to order a monument and you want to know what steps
are involved? Here is some info to help you out.

STEP ONE - Pick Your Stone

STEP TWO - The Design

STEP THREE - Complete Contract and Make Payment

STEP FOUR - Design Approval

STEP FIVE - Completed Stone

STEP SIX - Final Payment
This might sound very straight forward but there is a lot that goes into this.  First you
will pick a style of stone.  If there will be more than one individual listed on the stone
you may want to pick a larger size stone.  You will also need to pick the color and
decide if a special design is right for you.  Some colors and designs take longer to
order then others, so be sure to ask if time is an issue!
Once you have chosen the stone it is time to decide what you want to go on the stone.  
You can look through our design layout samples.  If you have particular organizational
symbols that you would like to include, we can do that.  If you want a picture that you
don't see - don't be afraid to ask!  We have many designs that are not shown and we
would be glad to put one together to accommodate you.  You can choose a full scene
or some simple pictures.  If you would like to have an epitaph on the stone, this is the
time for that as well.  You might want to add photographs or a laser engraving.
A completed, signed contract and payment is required before we will order the stone
or begin design work.  We do require a down payment of at least half the total price.
We will lay out a design on the computer.  Once the design is complete, we will notify
you so that you can come by to discuss the design or have the design mailed to you (if
you live out of town).  You will need to approve the design before we can continue
with the engraving of the memorial.
After you have approved the design we will engrave the memorial and work on setting
it as soon as we can (usually within a couple of weeks weather permitting).
The remaining balance is due once the memorial has been set.
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